You, yes you, are wasting your followers’ time with your vanity.

“I’m so honored to speak at X.”

“Was so fun to coach my client on Y.”

“I’m proud to announce the launch of my latest business or idea Z.”

Brian, you are being so harsh! Two things…

1. No I am not. It’s true. I’ll explain more so keep reading.

2. I am talking to myself, too. So before you get “offended,” know that I am basically talking to myself, but so many of the people I see trying to create personal brands are missing HUGE opportunity.

So, instead of putting up a picture of you on stage speaking at a conference or panel, record a video of what you actually talked about and put it on Youtube. Write a thoughtful article about your talk, or the questions the audience asked you, or what you learned after the conference and put it on Linkedin and Medium. Recycle the audio files from your video and upload it as a podcast. Help your audience get to know you, your thoughts, and the actual value you bring with the opportunities you receive. Make them feel like they are there.

You know the old saying, “A picture says a thousand words.” It doesn’t. You know what says a thousand words better than a picture?


Your voice.

Your content.

But a picture of you on stage literally brings me no value. Let me rephrase…a picture of me onstage brings you no value. When have you ever, ever, ever used a picture of me onstage to learn something new? Let me answer that….never.

You may be happy for me. Thank you.

You may be inspired to talk action on something you want to do. I’m flattered.

But that’s only a very small reason I release content for you the way that I do.

Speaking of how I create and release content, here’s something fun to say.

I’m onto something really big here, and think I am pioneering the future of personal and professionally branding. Content, at scale, across several platforms, several times a week with no censorship or editing or romanticizing. It’s raw and real and every day that goes by, I am more and more convinced that this is the future of branding.

I was in Guatemala this week as the keynote speaker at a massive conference of 2,500 people. I can’t tell you how many people stopped me in the hallways of the hotel to thank me for the video content I create.

“Your advice helped me grow my business.”

“That video about social entrepreneurship changed my marketing strategy and it is working.”

I have spent 12 days in Guatemala in my entire life. And I promise you one thing. No one stopped me to thank me for the picture of myself on stage. Never.

You do what you want. I can only share what’s working for me. And what’s working is sharing my thoughts, life, and business strategies with you. Openly, honestly, with no expectation, with no desire for your money, with the single hope of helping you one word, video, or audio experience at a time.

Think about it. But not for too long. Because in 1 second, you can just do it.

And that’s what I am going do in 3, 2, 1…


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