Dear 35, It’s been one amazing year. Thank you for teaching me things like…

“No.” is a complete sentence.

The best way to find peace within yourself is to show kindness to others.

You know you’re doing the wrong thing when you’re doing the wrong thing. It won’t go away until you stop doing the wrong thing. The first step to doing the right thing is to stop doing the wrong one. It may be too late. Do the right thing anyway.

Power is not power if it deprives other living beings of their freedom. It’s exploitation. That’s weakness. The opposite of power.

Family dynamics change. Family love stays constant.

Everyone is doing their best. Not your best. Their best. You don’t get to decide what their best is. That’s why it’s theirs.

Mental illness is a disease that should not be stigmatized. We don’t make people feel bad about having cancer. So we shouldn’t make them feel bad about being depressed or anxious.

Your harshest judgements are probably also your deepest truths.

A smile makes almost any situation improve instantly.

Love is the truest universal force.

The power of our mind is beyond the wildest dreams of human recognition.

You have time to do the things you truly want to do. You might say you don’t, but you do. You just chose something else.

Life is equal part fragile and stable in exactly the same moment.

Nature was here first and it welcomed us. Would you burn down the rooms of the first person that offered you shelter and leave plastic and trash on their living room floor? Think about that for a sec.

If you show your staff you care about them more than you care about your clients, they over-deliver, getting you happy clients.

Trade your expectation with appreciation and disappointment disappears

Trusting your instinct requires no additional explanation.

I’d be about 1/1,000th of where I am today without an incredible team of people around me.

The soul has no age. So age is irrelevant when you meet a soulmate.

I love being around children. I love it even more when their parent talks to them like an adult.

Speaking of parents. Being a parent is hard, I bet. I am not a parent, so don’t know. But every year for my birthday, I take my parents out to eat. I love this tradition.

I owe my parents for everything I have.

Without them, I would have nothing. Literally, nothing. No business. No writing these words. No friends. No life.

Thanks mom and dad. For being amazing parents. For making me feel special. For being so present. For always doing your best.

And since I couldn’t possibly thank you for all of the things you’ve done to give me this gift, I’ll just do what I have always tried to do.

Recognize every day I wake up for exactly what it is.

A gift.

Happy Birthday to me.

And to all of us.

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