Three Things to do when $5k Goes Down the drain…

That March day in Bogota, I decided to offer this couple a two hour free coaching session, after I got the news of the cancelled conferences.

They cancelled 4 of my presentations in 3 seconds.

One of them as I was walking out the door to go to the conference.

$5k gone. POOF! Gone in 3 seconds. I flew to Colombia. I paid for my team to come with me. Flights, apartments, you know.

What do you do when things go “wrong.”

Here’s what I came up with that March day in Bogota.


A very common thing to do when people encounter themselves in a compromising situation, such as losing $5k in matter of minutes, is to generalize the situation. ‘This happened once, so it will keep happening’ kind of mentality, and that mindset, will take you nowhere. If one person, or a company does not hold their word, it does not mean the rest are going to do the same thing. Pause for a second, analyze the situation, get up, and keep working. Even though the first instinct is always to generalize situations, take a moment to realize all the other opportunities you may have, and do not let that situation frustrate you to a point of unproductivity.


Everything happens for a reason, whether is negative or positive. You have to find a purpose in life, and when that true purpose is tested, one has to be resilient and beat the challenge. A bad experience can not change the course of your mission, let alone the result of your vision. So focus on a strong mission, a mission you value, a TRUE purpose, then your vision should not change for a couple of cancelled meetings, or some dollars flying away.


People have yet to fully grasp the concept of adding value. Adding value is not making a sale, instead, the sale is usually a derivative of adding value. Most of the time, adding value may show the best results in the long run, but that is precisely the challenge. Play the long game, keep adding value, keep giving more than what you receive. You lost two meetings? You lost $5k? It does not matter, money comes and goes, meetings can be scheduled again, what happens TODAY should not change the outcome of tomorrow. Stay focused, stay humble, keep adding value, and do not let a struggle change your mission in life.

The night before, I met a couple who started a used bus sales business. They wanted to hire me to advise them. The second after I got the news of the cancelled conferences, I called them. I offered them 2 hours of coaching. For free.

They will remember that.

And even if they don’t, I will.

If you are interested to bring Brian to speak in your next conference, event or organization, please contact Andres Escobar, Head of Business Development, at

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