Three Lessons from My ENTREPRENEUR’S SUMMIT Keynote

It was almost the fastest thirty minutes of my life.

I was the Keynote speaker at ENTREPRENEUR’S SUMMIT 2017.

We started with some meditation exercises, led by a man who reminded us that it is not natural to have a peaceful, calm mind. I agree. An essential part of meditation is to focus on the present moment. He went on to remind us a calm mind makes us more productive. I agree. As showtime begin for us speakers, there seemed to be a common theme. “How to turn an idea into reality,” a “Passion to Profit.”

But how?

Here were my three basic rules for taking an idea to market, and turning a passion into a profit.

Step 1: Love what you do. If you don’t love what you are doing, you don’t have shot. You need to be able to frequently explain “why do I do what I do.” For anything to happen, you need to have a story behind it. I love nostalgia, and everything important to me (like my Mickey Mouse watch) has a story behind it. This includes not believing in your product, service or idea. If you don’t believe in your product, service or idea, how can you love it? You can’t.

Step 2: Attention. I covered how I am able to draw attention. Here’s a clue. Be EVERYWHERE. Linked, Medium, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, everywhere.

But won’t people get overwhelmed? Won’t they get tired of your content? No. The answer is “no, you won’t be overwhelming”. Not everyone looks at everything. Not everyone checks every social media outlet every day. Attention is fragmented, and they’ll forget about you in a minute anyway.

Just then, someone raised a hand. I thought time was up… “that was the shortest 30 minutes in my life!” I commented. It turned out the signal meant 15 minutes left….phew.

Step Three: The gatekeepers are gone. This means you are no longer at the mercy of someone else’s yes. In the past, people had to beg to get on TV, radio, pay someone who didn’t give a !@%* about anything to run their PR, hope the local radio would cover their story. We are now 150% in control. The internet is the great equalizer.

I concluded by advising the audience to “stalk people you want to talk to.” Everything has to have a story behind it. But the truth is, you also need people to listen to the story. Social media is a must in storytelling these days. Both for those of us telling ours, as well as those of us listening to yours.

Both matter.

A lot.

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