Today, I talked to one of my favorite people on planet Earth. My sister. Hi Katie.

For the last several months, I’ve basically been avoiding phone calls and zoom meetings and Facetime. But today, I talked to Katie. And she asked me,

“What’s new? How’s everything going?”

I gave her some highlights. This project or that goal or this challenge or that excitement.

I wonder if we will ever give real answers to questions from the people that most love us. I’m making a more conscious effort to give real answers. Otherwise, what’s the point of communicating?

So, here’s how I am doing. Here is what’s new.

I am feeling the invigorating sensation of 9 degree ocean water on my face as I swim in the winter in Uruguay.

I am building my own compost bin with worms and dirt and food scraps and things I have no idea how to do but know I want to learn. I want to have my hands in the dirt as much as I have them on a screen.

I am embracing “I don’t know” as a complete sentence. I am embracing “no” as a complete sentence.

I am buying food from a local farmer named Diego who loves the fruits of his labor, not a supermarket chain owned by an American hedge fund who couldn’t care less.

I am moving my body several times a day and getting strong. Life is so much better when you’re strong.

I am making a conscious effort to eat the rainbow.

I am missing my friends and family. I’m grateful to have friends and family to miss.

I am trusting that this is exactly where I need to be. I try and remind myself of that every day.

I am inspired and impressed with Uruguay — it’s people and nature and care and charm. More so every day.

I am connecting deeply with a special human, and a furry being too.

I am looking up to the sky’s clarity when the world at my feet feels foggy.

I’ve replaced purchasing single use plastic with refilling glass jars, valuing the sanctity of earth more than my own convenience.

I’ve been gone for 5 months now. On some days, time feels like an illusion. On others, it feels real.

I’m excited. I’m frustrated. I’m at peace. I’m irritable. I’m focused. I’m lost. I’m connecting with the land. I’m masking isolation with social media “connecting.” I’m meditating and empowering my mind. I’m falling victim to emotional shortcomings.

But every day, I am trying to fall in love.

Not with what I wrote above.

But, with the person that wrote it.

And for the first time in a long time,

That feels like enough.

That’s how I am doing.

That’s what’s new.

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