Maybe it’s not about the crazy moments or the “peak experiences”. Maybe it’s living the same thing every day as if we were experiencing it for the very first time. Maybe that’s the exception. Not needing to push so hard to grow or to be thrilled. Rather, Finding new in the settled. Fresh air in the routine. A first chance on the second day.

Not the cars or the planes or the fancy trips or new clothes.

But rather the smell of a strawberry before you see it, or the sound of a song before you sing it. The animal that waits for you to fill her bowl with food or the small child’s hand wrapped around your pinky as you safely cross her from one side of the street to the next. The bright fire on a dark night, or the leaves changing from gold to green to orange to gone.

Maybe that’s the story we should be telling.

Then it’s no longer “content or branding.“

Then it’s not really a story after all.

It’s life, and it’s exceptional.

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