A little more hugging those we love, that we hold a little longer than usual.

A little more looking up to the miracle of the sky when we walk with our feet on the ground.

A little more nature. Admiring her, protecting her, respecting her, listening to her.

A little more vulnerability that we don’t have it figured out.

A little more compassion that everyone you meet is probably doing the best they can.

A little more honesty with those that deserve the truth.

A little more self-care for the only person that you’ll be with for the entirety of this life.

A little more music. Supporting the arts, finding peace in the stories of others, inspiration in the words someone was brave enough to let you hear.

A little more of nothing. Work, purpose, productivity, drive.

A little more curiosity and imagination between what is and what could be all at the same time.

A little more kindness for a stranger and laughter with a friend.

A little more effort to be present for the gift of the present.

A little more reverence for the seasons and change they desperately try to bring for us.

A little more of what makes our heart smile. Not your mom’s heart or boyfriend’s heart. Your heart.

A little more coffee on cold rainy fall mornings.

A little more pumpkin pancakes that you make with someone who enthusiastically shares your world with her own spice that leaves your day a little sweeter.

A little more human touch that takes you outside of the body we are over-judging.

A little more creating instead of consuming.

A little more hope that maybe a little more matters.

A lot.

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