I went to Atlantic City with a lover for an escape from New York City. I think it was back in 2011.

We did all the classic things one does when they journey to AC. Boardwalk strolling, outlet mall perusing, beach time, and trying our luck at the casinos.

I have a rule when rouletting.

Red. Always red. Or is it black, always black?

I can never actually remember. That’s the problem with absolutes. The second you forget which one you “always” do, you lose your whole sense of self. I am done with absolutes. Yet another absolute. Ahh, sigh…

Rack of lamb, mint jelly, and a glass of red wine. That was my favorite Christmas eve dinner with my family. Every year, at Jim’s Steakhouse downtown Peoria, I’d order it.

I’d eat it.

I’d love it.

Oh, and then there was the all you could eat Lobster dinner at the New York Athletic Club, where Thomas Cook would kindly treat every holiday season.

One year, I ate 6. Melted butter, salt, perfection.

I spent a summer living in Argentina, salivating at the thought of a Milanesa, or looking forward to the infamous Blueberry Steak in Florence.

I. Loved. Meat.

“This is wild Indian sage.

Smell it,” he told me.

We hadn’t been on the trail for more than 60 seconds, and we were already “in it.” It was the first “scented hike” experience I’d experienced in my life. We stopped, and smelled, and foraged. We closed our eyes and then opened them. Looked up and looked down.

Ken (@kencannata) is a friend I met on the Big Island. He travels around the world seeking out plants and flowers and trees. His life mission is to capture the smells of these places by turning his findings into incense for his…

“Hey bud. My mom just passed away.”

I was a few martinis deep at a dive bar in Chelsea with one of my favorite humans, Thomas, when one of my other favorite humans texted me about his mom.

Thomas looked at me, held my hand, and told me to make a list of all the things my friend needs to do before flying to Colombia to arrange for the farewell of his mother. I cried. I knew how important my friend’s mom was to him, and how important my friend is to me. …

I was laying on her floor in Montevideo on a warm summer day in November. Her name is Lorena and she was giving me a Reiki session (Hi Lore, you’re amazing). I was hoping to get some clarity around some big life decisions I had on the horizon.

I have lived most of the last 15 years of my life between New York City and San Francisco. I love cities. I love people. I love the action and energy. But for the last several years, I kept making myself a promise.

“This year, I will spend more time in nature.”

“Does she live in this motor home?” I asked my friends today.

We pulled up on a 20 acre farm with an expansive view of the Pacific Ocean to our right and a slight glimpse of Maui 50 miles out to our left.

She came out of the motor home, and gave us a hug. Turns out yes, she lives part time in this motor home, and the second part-time in her house in Waimea. She gave us a tour and told us the story of her arrival to this property.

“When I pulled up, I started to cry. I…

Vibrams. The crazy shoes that have toes.

I am basically always excited about something new. At that moment, it was my black Vibrams. I wore them everyday for a year, and then had to throw them away because not even I could stand the smell.

One of those days during that Vibram obsessed year, my sister visited me. I was living in San Francisco. I was living in a culty-commune place (another story), so I was eager to plan a lot of outdoor activities. One of them was hiking Muir Woods. I invited my friend Skye (@skylajo) to come with…

Photo credit: Alex Eckhart


“Finding a partner is difficult nowadays,” a friend texted me.

“Why do you think that is?” I replied.

She went on to write that she thinks love finds you when you are not looking. How she just got out of a relationship that she knew wasn’t right.”

“I stayed longer than I should have,” she wrote.

I started thinking about all of the times that I “stayed longer than I should have.” And not just in romantic relationships.

I remember being sick of my job in New York City. I was not happy…

He grew up in Williamsburg in the 50s. ⁣⁣

After his apartment was robbed 3 times in a few weeks, his parents moved him into the projects in Brooklyn. ⁣⁣

Then he got a job working at the post office on 34th street in Manhattan. It was winter, and he walked out after his shift, turned on his car, and the heater stopped working. ⁣⁣

The next day, he was sorting the mail, and saw a postcard from Hawaii. It looked beautiful, warm, inviting. He remembered the freezing cold NYC winter, he remembered his car with no heat, so he…

2020, you made me TRUST.

Trust in the necessity of a plan I wasn’t planning.

Trust in new beginnings and second chances.

Trust in external perspectives that change my internal perspective.

Trust in the quiet whispers of the angels and the kindness of people.

Trust that solutions come in the stillness, the silence, and the subtle smiles of the soul.

Trust in my own imperfections, my healing, my doubts, my darkness.

Trust in the loyalty and example of animals and the power of their gentle gaze.

Trust in the union of nature’s care for us, and our responsibility to her.

Brian Rashid Global

International Speaker and CEO of a Life in Shorts. Daily Vlogg’in my journey on YouTube @brianrashidglobal. Helping brands of all size tell stories that sell.

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