2020, you made me TRUST.

Trust in the necessity of a plan I wasn’t planning.

Trust in new beginnings and second chances.

Trust in external perspectives that change my internal perspective.

Trust in the quiet whispers of the angels and the kindness of people.

Trust that solutions come in the stillness, the silence, and the subtle smiles of the soul.

Trust in my own imperfections, my healing, my doubts, my darkness.

Trust in the loyalty and example of animals and the power of their gentle gaze.

Trust in the union of nature’s care for us, and our responsibility to her.

Trust in my own truth, my own skin, my own voice, my own power.

Trust that my happiness and growth are my responsibility, no one else.

Trust in a love with a special human that showed me the divine, daily, with grace and patience.

Trust that even though this year was hard, I was protected.

Trust that with every loss comes a gain.

Trust that it’s enough, my effort, my work, my heart, my intentions, me. It’s enough.

Trust that every day, I can find a small taste of Heaven on Earth.

Trust that tomorrow, tomorrow we’ll be better.

Trust that all roads have led us here, and this year, will be exactly what we need.

Happy New Year.

International Speaker and CEO of a Life in Shorts. Daily Vlogg’in my journey on YouTube @brianrashidglobal. Helping brands of all size tell stories that sell.

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